Building a Network of Educators for Civic Wellbeing. One Community at a Time.

We are a collaborative that is committed to working better and more successfully together to prepare young people for the future, ensuring wellbeing for themselves, society and the planet. We already have a track record of doing work that matters.  

Participating members connect with their peers to share good ideas and receive recognition for their efforts in local, national and global settings.

We are made up of organisations and individuals who believe in the power of the arts and citizenship education to develop young people as changemakers.  Starting in Kansas City, we want to build Collaborative Communities across the nation and find more innovative ways to achieve our shared goals.

Our Communities

Heartland Learning Collaborative

Massachussetts Civic Learning

Bringing Together Educators
Who Are:

Are committed to advancing and enhancing democracy

Believe that education should be focused on developing young peoples’ capacity to be changemakers and empathetic members of their community

Are willing to show courage and lead by example on how to change the world with a renewed commitment to equity and inclusion.

Are open bringing their full selves into conversations as we reflect on and renew our own practices

Feel accountable for creating a relationship with every child and for seeing them fully

Care about wellbeing and are committed to being engaged in changing the educational experience for young people


If you're committed to civic learning, come in.

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We align community institutions and educators behind a shared vision and values.

We create conditions for effective collaborations between teachers, museum educators and community institutions to create new learning and leadership experiences for young people.

We nurture a community of trust and mutual support in which we care for one another.

We design and facilitate opportunities for continuous learning, learning together and from one another.

Our membership model is to include anyone who believes in our core values and shares our goals.  

  • Connection to like-minded educators across the region
  • Monthly Newsletter of Happenings and Content
  • Invitation to the TLC Mighty Network
  • Virtual meetups tailored to specific topics
  • Primary access to exclusive PD opportunities
  • Additional Classroom Curriculum Resources