We have a very lean model, so bringing a Learning Collaborative to a region is not an expensive endeavor.  It does, however, benefit from having a stipend for a regional coordinator and an innovation fund to enable nimble, collaborative work.  

We are currently working in Kansas City and are exploring expansion to three additional States in the next months.  Our fiscal sponsor and national coordinator is Got History?, a 501c3.

We are seeking partners and investors to:

  • Fund stipends for regional coordinators
  • Build our innovation fund for local collaborations among educators
  • Build an innovation fund for collaboration with leading educational innovators to incorporate their insights into the DNA of the collaborative
  • Promote the Collaborative’s work to help shift the conversation and spread the model
  • Refine the playbook for spread into cities across America

Our first investors were entrepreneurial visionaries, who believed in the core of the idea and helped it grow.  We are eternally indebted to them for their trust.  These supporters include:

Join their ranks today by investing into making our nation a nation of thriving Civic Learning Ecosystems committed to ensuring that young people grow up ready and able to work towards the wellbeing of themselves, their communities and the planet. 

This link will take you to the donate page at Got History?, where you can indicate that you are supporting The Learning Collaborative.

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