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Hello, Museum and Community Educators!

We believe that we are at a critical moment in history, in which museums, libraries and community organizations can and must step into a new role as a transformational force in education.

Learning science has proven how kids learn, and museums and libraries are necessary partners to make that kind of learning possible. So how can we work together to support, realize and spread youth-led, place-based, hands-on, relevant learning?

OUR Challenge

Shifting from content to learning outcomes.

We as museums and communities can help schools transition to a focus on developing students as human beings, learners and community members, not just on conveying content. As of today, field trips are usually organized to cover content blocks in the curriculum, but not attached to core concepts, insights and competencies that students should take home from the experience. We want to change that and showcase the deep impact that projects and experiences in museums can have.

You have what it takes to make learning stick

As a museum educator, you are gate-keepers to a world of infinite possibilities.  You have access to a vast amount of information, stories and assets that can inspire and inform young people in their journeys to becoming engaged and inspired members of the community who understand the complexity of history.

We want to help you develop your capacity to partner with schools to offer high impact learning experiences so that the students experience history and their community as a source of inspiration and civic growth.



Templates for Projects

We have scoured the globe for the best models of project-based learning that can be used in history. We created easy-to-use templates that help you make learning with community institutions successful and impactful.
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A Community Competency Framework

Our education systems tend to be focused on testable outcomes in reading and math.  But in order for democracy to thrive, we need to align as a full community on delivering core learning outcomes that determine whether or not a young person can thrive and grow.  
Our Priority Learning Goals

A Learning Library for Play

We are in the process of building a collection of learning resources focused on using play to connect students with difficult concepts.  Watch this space for the ultimate collection of games that will help you bring history to life and help students make meaning of the world.

Opportunities for Co-Creation

We offer workshops for teachers, students and community institutions to co-create learning experiences together so that everyone grows and every one wins.
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Learning Opportunities

We offer workshops with leading pedagogical experts on how to apply innovative teaching pedagogies in the history classroom.
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Networking Opportunities

We offer opportunities to just connect as a community of intent, where you can meet other educators who share hope and passion for changing the system that is not serving young people today.

Mark Adams - Truman Library
"In all of my 39 years of working in Museums, this Collaborative is the most effective and inspiring thing I have ever seen”  

Mark Adams

Truman Library

Our Partners

This is just a selection of the organizations with whom we are deeply aligned and have collaborated in the past. Let us know if you are interested in collaborating with us!

Partner Updates

We are partnering with the Education for American Democracy (EAD) team

We as the Learning Collaborative are partnering with the EAD project to ensure that museums and community institutions can find and fulfill their role as hubs of civic imagination, learning and engagement. 

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We are partnering with the Education for American Democracy (EAD) team

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