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Launched in Kansas City, from the Heartland, for all of us.


We are educators who believe that in today's extraordinary times, it takes a community to prepare young people for the future, to strengthen democracy, and heal from the wounds
of the past. We have created a model for educators in communities to collaborate across institutions in order to achieve a common goal:

To enable the kind of learning that helps young people develop their full civic potential for the wellbeing of themselves, society, and the planet.

Our Vision

A world consisting of vibrant local learning ecosystems that enable every young person to get the learning they need to thrive and contribute.

At the center of our vision is the young learner.  Every young person should grow up as a curious and passionate human being with a sense of belonging, connection, power and community.

It continues with a concept of a thriving community, in which we are able to authentically connect with one another across differences and can realize the fundamental ideals of democracy: equality, justice and freedom.  

It extends to a vision of a global society in a harmonious relationship with the planet.

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In order to achieve this vision, we work to advance the integration of inspired inquiry, cultural institutions, and citizenship education in classrooms.

Inspired Inquiry

Frontal teaching and canned narratives rarely inspire learning. The world needs curious, empathetic and engaged problem-solvers who know how to ask questions, evaluate sources and reach informed conclusions. Teaching with inquiry is about activating these skills and mindsets.  We as a Collaborative are committed to spreading the practice of inquiry-based teaching so that all classrooms become incubators of inspiration for life-long learning, critical thinking and civic growth.

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Place Based Learning

In this unique time of crisis and disconnect,  students need access to learning that increases their sense of identity, connection, belonging and agency. Museums and cultural institutions are a key source of such learning. As a Collaborative, we are committed to making relevant and inspiring learning that leverages the power of art and the assets of museums accessible to all. Through our partnership with Explorable Places, we aim to bring such opportunities into every classroom, whether through virtual or in-person experiences.

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Civic Learning

The mission of our schools is to educate young citizens of democracy. What that means has evolved--so, too, must our practices in the classroom. Young people feel and have power at a level never seen before, and are hungry to make a positive impact. We as a Collaborative are dedicated to ensuring that all young people receive civic learning experiences that will help them develop the full range of skills and mindsets they need to advance the wellbeing of themselves, society and the planet. We have partnered with Composer, a platform designed to simplify access to the best civic education.

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The future of democracy will be bright if we stop talking about measuring kids to an artificial average and start focusing our collective efforts on enhancing the civic growth and wellbeing of young people.  That will require adopting a new mindset on what matters, deploying new teaching practices and creating a community of like-minded people to work together towards a paradigm shift. That is what we do.

If you want to unlock the power of civic wellbeing for education in your community, join us.

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If you share our goals, join our online community of learner-educators.  Help us create a learning ecosystem that will strengthen our community and prepare a future in which all can thrive.

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