Welcome, students!

Are you a young person who wants the future to look better than the world we are in today?  Are you someone who thinks that school—particularly history class—needs to change, so that you can learn what you need and learn more effectively?

We believe you deserve school to be a place that helps you thrive. We want to hear from you, and work with you to ensure that your voice is heard in the world of education reform.

There are three different ways we collaborate with youth people:


We incubate an award-winning youth-led history podcast called UnTextbooked that features young people interviewing historians on topics they care passionately about. 

Winner of Spotify's 2021 Next Wave Award.

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The National Youth Council for Real History

Join the National Youth Council for Real History Education to advocate in your school, district and state for better history learning experiences.

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Survey: State of History Education

We have collaborated with Harvard to capture student voice on the state of history education:  share your thoughts here and help shape the future of learning!

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