The Educating for American Democracy initiative is a non-partisan, nation-wide effort to create a consensus on the importance and key topics of history and civics education, across an ideologically, demographically, and professionally diverse group. 

The initial working group crafted a consensus Roadmap in 2021 that allows states, localities, and educators to assess and reprioritize their own approaches, with the goal of encouraging investments in civics and history at all levels.

The founding group involved collaboration among over 300 academics, historians, political scientists, K–12 educators, district and state administrators, civics providers, students, and others from across the country. 

The plan for the years ahead is to roll-out this roadmap across the nation, working with states, districts and individual educators to ensure that young people are engaged with the themes and questions in the framework, so that they are prepared for their futures as global citizens. 

Museums have been a core part of this effort from the start, as critical partners for teachers and community members in exploring the complexities of history, and in experiencing the power of humans to create both progress and immeasurable pain. 

We as the Learning Collaborative are partnering with the EAD team to ensure that museums and community institutions can find and fulfill their role as hubs of civic imagination, learning and engagement. 

If you want to be a part of our vibrant working community of museums and institutions, join our online community or attend one of the learning sessions we have scheduled for 2022.